Agro-ecology can double food production in 10 years

A UN report (published March 2011) says that adopting agroecology methods, if sufficiently supported, could double food production in entire regions within 10 years.

At the same time it would mitigate climate change, and alleviate rural poverty.

States and donors must take a leading role in making this happen, the report says, since “private companies will not invest time and money in practices that cannot be rewarded by patents and which don’t open markets for chemical products or improved seeds.”

Sustainable solutions to some of the problems we face already exist.

But two barriers that exist to implementing those solutions are:

  1. The need to change from existing practices
  2. It is against the interest of our current money system to solve the problem — it is in the interest of our current money system to allow the problem to get worse.

You can download the report and its accompanying press release here.

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