No change on Climate Change

The IPCC has released its latest report on climate change. In summary: Climate change has already impacted natural and human systems on every continent. Climate change is also damaging global food production, cutting our supply of fresh drinking water, and damaging our infrastructure. Coastal flooding could reduce global economic production by 10 percent by the end of the century. And the widespread damage already […]

IPCC and renewable energy — the view from Texas

So, the IPCC has concluded that averting climate change catastrophe is ’eminently affordable’. Of course it is — it always was. Quibbles about the ‘cost’ of averting climate change have always been spurious, partly because the cost of not taking action will always be greater (ie death), and partly because any ‘cost’ will always show […]

Climate change and human survival

Even the British Medical Journal is talking about climate change. “The IPCC has already concluded that it is ‘virtually certain that human influence has warmed the global climate system’ and … its new report outlines the future threats of… increased scarcity of food and fresh water; extreme weather events; rise in sea level; loss of […]

Bad news, good news…

Two stories here, one describing the problem, one addressing part of the solution. First, a new study by Nasa shows yet again that global industrial civilisation could collapse in coming decades, just as many previous empires and civilisations have done. Echoing Jared Diamond (TED talk here, synopsis here) they find the key factors driving the risk of […]

A rather depressing interview with James Lovelock

James Lovelock has been warning us that the weather is going to get bad for about as long as I’ve been alive. About 50 years. His predictions, far-sighted though they were, have come true. He even invented the ‘Gaia hypothesis’ that, although poo-pooed and bah-humbugged at the time, has come to form the basis of […]

Dust to Dust: a man-made Malthusian crisis

“”The Colorado study has caused a stir in the soil world… accompanied by a sobering analysis … that we are repeating the mistakes of past civilisations, over-exploiting the land until it goes beyond the point of no return, and leads to a vicious circle of famine, and then social disintegration.”” Dust to Dust: a man-made […]

The clock is ticking to create the no-carbon business

This four minute video shows the latest scientific (fact-based) consensus on some of the major impacts of climate change. It demonstrates the near-certainty of what is already expected, and introduces the idea of a ‘carbon budget’: the maximum amount of carbon equivalents we can consume, and the short remaining time before that budget will be […]

The British countryside is facing unprecedented “wildlife in crisis”

Channel 4 News finds that iconic species and habitats in Britain are facing ‘wipeout’. As a result it is running a special series, ‘Green and Pleasant Land’. “In just a few decades, we’ve lost 44 million birds from our skies, with some species plummeting as much as 90 per cent and facing a very real extinction. […]

Watch 62 Years of Global Warming in 13 Seconds

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York has collated data on global surface temperatures since 1884 and turned them into a video. This 13-second excerpt shows how warming accelerated in the 1970s, all of the ten hottest years have occurred since 1998. To view the full 26 seconds of temperatures since 1884, […]