How (and why) to rebuild a rainforest

Permabusiness exists to do three things:
1) show the problems with the current ways of doing business
2) show a vision/visions for what a better way(s) might look like
3) share tools for taking first steps that take us from where we are to where we [you] want to get to.

The video below describes all three.

It shows an area of Borneo that represents one possible future for us all: clear-cut forest, 50% jobless, high crime rate, large amount of income being spent simply on health issues and on drinking water, no agricultural productivity, total extinction of wildlife.

Four years later they created jobs for 3,000 people, improved the local climate, created a huge resurgence in biodiversity, and built an area of huge economic value (in terms of jobs, food, building materials, energy production, …).

How did they achieve this?
1) get legal rights of ownership: buy the land
2) deal with the fire risk
3) begin reforestation, combined with agriculture
4) set up measurement and management systems
5) involve the (local) people in every step of the way

At a high level it was about “integrating flows: over space, over time, and with the limited means you have”. The output they have created is a stable mixed system, where people see that their livelihoods, housing, food, and education are all tied-up with making sure the forest remains there, and have the means to protect it.

For more detail, here’s the video:

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