Rethinking our brains

For a long time it has been understood that the left half of our brain does ‘reason’ and the right half does ’emotion’; or that language and visual imagery each reside only in one hemisphere.

In fact, it turns out that this is not correct. Both halves carry out both functions, but in different ways.

The left hemisphere sees the parts, but renders them lifeless. The right hemisphere sees the connections and the wholes.

All very esoteric and unrelated to business, you might think. But if we want to find new and better ways to run our businesses, then finding places where we have a mistaken understanding of the world can help.

We have built a world on rationality, but have forgotten that the end point of rationality is to demonstrate the limits to rationality. But the more we focus on the (limited) worldview of the rational mind, the more “we get trapped in a hall of mirrors” and undercut other ways of looking at the world that might have led us out of the trap.

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