Shift to the east

At least three stories in today’s FT have this theme:

Alan Lewis, the millionaire property and retail entrepreneur, has put the Tommy Nutter brand up for sale.

Tommy Nutter made three of the suits worn by The Beatles on the cover of Abbey Road, as well as the suit that Mick Jagger wore to his wedding to Bianca.

“A number of fashion and textile companies have been approached and most of the interest [in buying the brand] has come from Indian and China.”

“Billionaire owners of ‘ultra-prime’ homes have watched the values of their properties soar through the global economic turmoil, particularly in the emerging financial centres of Mumbai and Singapore. The spike in value of these properties … has been far less marked, however, in the western cities that have traditionally played host to the world’s wealthy elite.”

The chief executive of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has resigned in order to take up a senior job with India’s Reliance Industries.

It is not just call centre jobs that we are exporting to the east, but now senior talent is moving there as well.


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