Iron ore prices hold

Large institutional investors believe that iron ore prices are unlikely to drop, even if the world enters a  double-dip recession. The London Metals Index is down just over 20% this year, but iron ore has fallen less than one percent. In part, this is because the market in iron ore derivatives is relatively young (just over […]

Rising Chinese labour costs alter global manufacturing landscape

As the US Senate confirmed its legislation to impose tariffs on Chinese goods, in response to China’s failure to allow its currency to appreciate, a new study by consulting group BCG shows that rising Chinese labour costs are already changing the economics of global manufacturing and could create three million jobs in the USA by 2020. 

Manufacturing and mid-sized companies are unexpected sources of growth

New research shows that just seven percent of companies, mid-sized, created half of all new jobs since 2002. These fast growers are spread across all sectors and industries, and Government is looking at whether anything can be done to help them grow faster. At the same time, with the global manufacturing sector in the worst […]

A return to manufacturing?

As the search continues for ways to end the recession, good ‘old-fashioned’ manufacturing seems to be having a resurgence. Business Secretary Vince Cable says Britain is “beginning to see” a shift towards manufacturing taking a greater share of output. (Of course that could mean that manufacturing is declining, but services are declining faster.) But in […]