Creating abundant villages in Rajasthan


There is a village in Rajasthan where until recently there were only 928 women for every 1,000 men.

To address this situation the head of the village began a new tradition: every every time a girl is born, 111 trees are planted. (Every time a person dies, 11 more are planted.)

Over the past six years the over 250 thousand trees have been planted, transforming Piplantri into an oasis. Over 2.5 million aloe vera plants have also been planted, to protect the trees from termites, and these are now harvested to produce a range of aloe-based products. Money is also provided to the daughter in the form of a trust fund, which cannot be accessed until she is 20, on condition that the girl is educated and is not married off before legal age.

The net impacts are that the village is greener, richer, crime has reduced and attitudes towards women have changed.

A simple policy with profound, and lasting, effects.


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