GE’s growth values

General Electric is one of the most respected companies in the world, and ex-GE managers are currently CEOs of ABB, Honeywell and Boeing. Its most important production line? The one that produces its leaders.

GE has spent two years rethinking what (and how) it teaches future GE leaders, and has just relaunched its five ‘growth values’.

What do you think the key values/capabilities of any leader should be?

GE thinks the priorities are:

  • External focus (trends, customers, opportunities)
  • Clear thinking
  • Imagination and courage
  • Inclusiveness
  • Expertise

We might say:

  • External focus, to understand how the world is changing
  • Clear thinking, to understand the Big picture and rank priorities
  • Inclusiveness and Imagination, to chart a robust way forward
  • Focus, both on which goals matter most and how to achieve them
  • Courage to stand up for necessary change


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