Massive die-off of trees, worldwide

This piece in the New York Times tells how trees “worldwide” are experiencing “devastation”.

The Amazon recently suffered two ‘once in a century’ droughts within five years. But other causes of tree deaths include new pests and diseases, brought on by climate change, fires, heat blast, heat and water stress, … “The devastation extends worldwide.”

The NY Times piece says that scientific experts are “scrambling to understand the situation” and that “the future habitability of the Earth might depend on the answer.” (Trees are vital in removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, and for pumping water from the ground into the atmosphere where it can later fall onto human crops as rain.)

Permabusiness says that if we do not reverse this mass die-off of the trees within our lifetimes, all life on the planet will (likely) perish. At ‘best’, if we do not achieve this it will not be a planet that I/we want to live on.

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