People power

As a further post-script to the Kübler-Ross piece earlier today, we ask you to think back one year to December 2010 and imagine that you are living in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, or Syria.

If someone had told you that within 12 months Mubarak and Gaddafi would be gone, Osama bin Laden would be dead, that thousands would demonstrate on the streets of Syria and Tunisia, and that thousands more in Greece and America would be inspired by their example and also take to the streets, would you have believed them? Or would you have been trapped in the denial, anger, bargaining, or depression described by the Kübler-Ross model?

Whatever your answer, these examples happened, and they show the possibility of what can happen by working in an ‘acceptance’ mindset.

The following video expands this further, and lays out the principles by which people power can win: unity, planning, nonviolent discipline, starting small, picking the battles you can win, enthusiasm and humour. And remembering that while the Internet is a useful tool, it cannot be a substitute for action in the real world.

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