The end of an era

Goldman Sachs just reported an 11% drop in earnings, on sales down 9%. They stand as a proxy for the world economy. (Financial Times, 17 July 2012)

The Federal Reserve is warning that ‘business as usual’ solutions are not working, and there is a “looming economic crisis”. (Huffington Post, 11 July 2012)

US debt is over $15,000 billion. (Youtube, April 2012) As Tony Robbins explains, the scale of this amount of money cannot be paid off in any way that makes sense under our old paradigms.

And the reason is, the Earth is full. (TED talk, by Paul Gilding February 2012)

The conclusion?

We are experiencing the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

We need to realise that in an age of dramatic change, much of the world we once knew will no longer make sense, but life will go on.

We need to realise that the new world will not happen by itself — it will emerge from the actions, and inactions, of billions of people like you and me.

It is time to focus on the fundamentals:

  • What is important
  • What is possible
  • What others need
  • How to combine these three, simply, effectively, efficiently and adaptably and move to action, quickly


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