Spain now has 10 confirmed cases of Zika virus

After SARS and ebola, we now have the Zika virus, which is spreading remarkably quickly. New forms of disease appear to be arising more frequently and spreading faster. “Spain on Thursday became the first European country to confirm the Zika virus in a pregnant woman — a milestone in the alarmingly rapid spread of the disease across the […]

From value-obstacle to value-enabler

In this video, Clay Shirky talks about how human beings organise to get things done. The traditional response has been to form an institution. The newly-emerging solution (in 2005) is to enable cooperation through infrastructure tools — essentially internet 2.0. What Clay explains is that the days of the traditional solution are numbered — because […]

What Should I Do With My Life?

Companies don’t grow because they adopt a six-sigma methodology. They don’t grow because they increase productivity by 37.2%. They don’t grow because they exceed sales targets in three quarters running. Companies grow because they provide meaning and value to the people who choose to engage with them. The article below argues convincingly that the deepest, […]